Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY ripped splash painted rhinestone jeans

7 for all manking DIY ripped jeans, Samanta blush platform heels,
Banana Repablic bag, vintage noname embroidered oversize shirt,
Rocha.John Rocha jacket, Kenner leather neon yellow belt.
that's what we have for start

rip up the seam

cut more holes, bleach and wash.

Splash some paint on it -
I use the Universal paint for exterior use.
Let dry for several hours. 

Cut off the excess fringe

Fix edge with adhesive  interlining

Place the rhinestones on denim
I use the rninestones with
 hot melt glue on back

Cover rhinestones with white paper
and fix with hot iron
Enjoy your new old jeans! <3

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